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We know it’s a broad term, but so often misunderstood.  Marketing isn’t about putting an ad on TV or in the paper, it’s about understanding your product, determining who is potentially interested in it and then ensuring they know about it.

EPIC Events & Marketing can go through a full process with your business that can include any or all of the above;

Market research – starting internally to ensure your team knows what your product is all about.  Then we test your target market through a number of different methods, such as survey’s and focus groups. 
Internal Marketing Audit – tried promoting your business before, but not sure if it worked?  The old saying if you aim for nothing in particular, you will probably hit it, is summarized best in the field of marketing.  You must know if what you’re doing is working, if not, hit pause and check, before committing more resources to the same thing. 
Creating full on marketing plans – no not something that collects dust, but a plan you look at every week to make sure you know where you’re heading.  It won’t be as think as the dictionary, but you will get a concise plan that;

  1. tells you who you are,
  2. what you offer,
  3. who wants what you’ve got, and
  4. how you’re going to tell them about it. 

Sounds good doesn’t it?