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Most news outlets don’t just turn up to things and know what’s going on.  Some do, some times, but to maximize the power of the media, you need to manage the process.

It all starts with established relationships with key media personnel.  Those that do it well, have regular contact with media outlets, know what they’re looking for and can package a news item up just to their tasting.  EPIC do that and in Tasmanian sport, were arguably the best on the field at it.

Our skills go beyond sending a media release and hoping for the best.  With years of experience, we know what the media are looking for and we make it easy for them.  That increases your chances of gaining exposure.  The key outlets know us and that trust has been built up over years of dealings.

So if you want a full house at your next press conference, call EPIC Events & Marketing. 

Media management packages coming soon.