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This is a multi-faceted, complex industry that has evolved as quickly as technology.

Gone are the days when a company will or should give a sport/event/person money to put their logo on you or your fence (see an article written by EPIC’s Richard Welsh that went viral on LinkedIn).

EPIC’s philosophy on sponsorship is that all partnerships must be mutually beneficial, complimentary to each of the organisations strategic goals, engaging and built on trust.
Our team has negotiated over $400,000 in sponsorship deals as both the sponsor and recipient.  We offer the following services;

  • Consulting for businesses looking to enter into sponsorship deals with existing properties – take the emotion out and let us ensure your sponsorship dollars are being invested as best they can,
  • Analysis of activation and leveraging opportunities that a recipient may currently have – in essence, we help you get ready to receive sponsorship,
  • Procurement and negotiation of a sponsorship for either party – we can close the deal for you.